No matter how they cut it. No matter how many spreadsheets and studies they share. No matter how much money we have. The fact is, FAMILY is our story. Our families are affected by every government policy, and every government policy must consider our families. TOGETHER we can WIN this moment, secure the FUTURE, and make North Carolina the best state to live, work, prosper, and raise a family.

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    America is the greatest nation on earth, and North Carolina is a great place to live. In our community, "Family is our Story!" Because of its residents and resources, North Carolina is just starting to blossom. I have faith that together, we can build an even brighter future. Together, we can keep more of the money you earn in your home where it belongs, help our businesses prosper, and give our children the safety, education, and opportunities we imagine for them. I'm running for District 73 NC House of Representatives for the chance to represent your interest in that bright future. Will you join us?


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    Where I stand on YOUR concerns (not in order)

    • God chose every child's parents; parents have a fundamental right to direct the upbringing and education of their children.
    • We must stop political agendas from invading the classroom with curriculums like Critical Race Theory and LGBT education.
    • No government or school board should criminalize concerned parents for demanding that their children not be brainwashed into being victims or oppressors for things they have not suffered or done.
    • Christian values and religious liberties have prospered the United States of America.
    • I will fight for the expression of our faith, the family order God gave to humans, and freedom of religion.
    • Nothing, not even COVID, should permit the government to restrict how a community of faith functions; they have a pastor for that.
    • Abortion may be the greatest atrocity of our generation.
    • Life begins at conception and must be protected.
    • We must stop the extremist that not only want to expand abortion but want it on demand, even after birth.
    • No parent should have to worry when their children are at school.
    • Zero tolerance for violence. We need more school resource officers and support for the teachers who want to keep the classrooms safe.
    • Children need safety and care. The nuclear family is the main way of providing children the safety and stability needed to avoid needless violence.
    • North Carolina has too many options to continue taxing the personal income of its residents.
    • Keeping more money in the pockets of families is good, right, and empowering.
    • We need a plan to develop those options in a way that eliminates personal income taxes over the next 15 years.
    • We must engage the enemies of free enterprise and cut red tape from the municipalities to the state capitol.
    • North Carolina should stand for freedom, prosperity, and opportunity; the small business community reflects whether or not that is our reality.
    • There are too many regulations and permits to acquire for small businesses to have their best opportunity at success.
    • We have the right to bear arms, and we should be able to exercise that right freely.
    • As law-abiding citizens, we should be able to carry our guns, concealed or not, without obstacles from government.
    • Red flag laws are ridiculous. No should lose a constitutional right because of accusations or concerns of others. That slope is too slippery.
    • Keeping our communities safe requires great law enforcement.
    • Far too often, men and women who have agreed to protect us are the targets of hate-filled attacks.
    • Our law enforcement officers need to go home to their families every day, and to do that; we must give them the best training, the best equipment for their job, and whatever funding is needed to get that done.
    • We should have "widows" benefits for first responders. They agreed to care for our families and we should do the same for theirs.
    • Our US military's retired and disabled veterans are the type of residents every state wants.
    • The disability benefits nor retirement income they have earned should be taxed by the State of North Carolina.
    • All disabled veterans should have the property taxes of their primary residence reduced in proportion to their percentage of disability.