We hope and pray that our children will have access to better opportunities in ten years than we ever did. We want them to experience the wonder of free enterprise, to have the chance to own successful small businesses or ascend the corporate ladder. We want communities where people form opinions based on an individual’s character, not their skin color.

Looking ahead to our retirement, we envision a future where our aging parents are well-cared for. We want to be able to walk down the street hand in hand with our loved ones without the fear of being robbed or attacked. We long for North Carolina to have a flourishing economy where our adult children can find opportunities to support their families and achieve their dreams. We want our schools to be safe and in the top 10 for performance without the extras that divide us.

As our nation and community remain protected by amazing men and women, we want our 100% disabled veterans to be appreciated by giving them a tax exclusion on their primary residence and the families of our first responders lost in service to be taken care of with an annual survivor’s benefit equal to a percentage of their salary. We want our 2nd amendment rights intact and our elected officials to reject failed liberal fiscal policies, harmful social agendas, and government corruption.

We want the best teachers not to feel a need to leave our schools to provide for their families and aspirations. We want residents who stay in their homes to be protected from aggressive property tax increases and revaluations with an exemption that also lowers the tax-assessed value of their primary residence. In ten years, we want to keep more of the money we earn by not having our personal income taxed and eliminating things like harassing vehicle taxes. It would be amazing to see economic growth because businesses can use the money they recapture from lower taxes for hiring, innovation, and expansion.

We want to be free of tyranny that closes businesses and churches like 2020. In short, ten years from now, we want the people and causes that mean the most to us to do well in North Carolina. Join us.

I request your support and vote to elect me to the North Carolina House.


Brian Echevarria