We have a fantastic party!  There were 1800+ delegates, and Cabarrus County represented well with 51 delegates to the convention. That is a significant increase and reflects the enthusiasm we are hoping carries us in future elections. Our grassroots are strong in North Carolina, and we will win elections. The deduction from the weekend is that we want stability in leadership and predictability from our elected officials in their votes. The Koury Convention Center was rocking nonstop with great speakers, campaigns for state leadership, and the presence of candidates who wanted our support. Outside of a disaster of a voting process, it was a well-done convention.

We are the gatekeepers. Your local efforts and donations will determine who wins local elections and who gets turned loose on the rest of the state or nation. Let’s not let another swamp creature swim past our County Parties again.

The Republican party is essential. Republicans and conservative voters trust the “R” on the ballot. Our state party platform is rich with statements that allow us to be proud that we are Republicans. Our principles encourage economic growth and protect our freedom and traditional values. That “R” means we know what to expect of officials when elected. When someone rides that “R” into office, we expect them to be committed to what that “R” stands for. When it comes to leadership and elected officials, commitment to the party platform is a must. At moments of sharp opposition, republicans have always stood behind those who were committed to the values we share as a party.

The climax of dopamine media commentators are having over President Trump’s inditement is revealing and embarrassing. They can’t possibly love our nation. No matter what, a positive is not possible in this. If this is false, our country has an element that continues to go after political opposition with lies. If it is true, it means we have a significant problem with our national security from the highest levels. No matter the outcome, it means the scales of justice are not equally applied by two of the most potent unelected institutions we have, the FBI and DOJ. Help us God.

Families are on the go. My lovely wife, Cynthia Echevarria, went to the convention. She was terrific as usual and represented not only me but Cabarrus County GOP well as a delegate. It was fun watching her monitor her business in-between meetings. The boys started football camp today, and my daughter is waiting for her camp. My daughter’s confidence is tremendous. At ten years old and 70-80 lbs. wet and holding weights, she believes herself firmly in control of our 135+ lbs. dog as she has his leash. 


  1. Well, learning. I can be confident that it all comes out in the wash. Republicans are not that gullible, and the party will remain rock solid for a long time.
  2. A leader’s feelings and opinions do NOT exonerate them from their responsibility. The president’s feelings about the Constitution are irrelevant to his oath to defend it.

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 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.