Strange times. I guess the way things have progressed, not many should be surprised. Our president is not healthy enough to lead a nation. We have the FBI and DOJ investigating a former president; obviously, no one denies the political dynamics. Marxists are determined to subvert society by any means necessary, even by going against parents to take advantage of children while being funded by the government. We are inching closer to nuclear conflict in the Ukraine-Russia War. Children continue to fall behind in reading, math, and science. Families must work an average of 3-4 months a year to cover their local, state, and federal tax burden; no one bats an eye anymore. The world has gone so double-minded that a school board with a Republican majority voted for a resolution against school choice; the Republican platform supports school choice. What the what? Such aggression against the party platform could make people think someone chose a party for votes instead of principles, almost like being what people call a Republican in name only. However, I find trans-republican more accurate in keeping with the culture. (It was funny to me.)

What is the answer? The Republican party.  Some may disagree, but here is a reason why. As history supports, our nation will be saved by people who honor God and believe in decency. Whether the end of slavery, civil rights, equal opportunity, etc., people who honored God used their political muscle to make things right. Today, the baton is in our hands. The Republican party is the only political refuge and vehicle for people that honor God; therefore, how we will make things right. The other major party has declared war on faith, religion, freedom, and decency in general.

Please take a look at the first paragraph.

Families are on the go. We are enjoying the day off for Juneteenth. I appreciate the historical significance of the general bringing the news to Texas. However, I find more value in the fact that, to the dismay of democrats, in January of 1865, the 13th amendment passed a vote. The amendment would still not become the law of the land until three-fourths of the states approved it, which occurred when Georgia approved the measure on December 6, 1865 – that slavery shall not exist within the United States. Praise God, after the Emancipation Proclamation and the civil war, the 13th Amendment was our nation’s next step in becoming the most successful social experiment in history, America the Beautiful.

The Independent Tribune interviewed me. Could you check it out?

No matter what has gone wrong or how large the task is, all you can do is whatever is next to do.

We have a large dog. He sheds this time of year, so we vacuum him every morning to cut down on fur in the house.

 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.