Party unity. I am often asked questions about party unity. How are you going to unite the party? As Chairman, how will you bring the party together? How are we going to deal with the division?

Party unity seems to be a nebulous thing no one can quite describe. What I am sure of is that Republicans are independent and diverse in thought, stage of life, experience, and social and economic interest. Whether Republicans invite one another to Thanksgiving dinner, text good morning, hug when they greet, or even like each other is of marginal importance to party unity. Obviously, if those things happen, it can make what I see as unity even better. Personally, I love to hang out with like-minded people, drink coffee, eat wings, and sharpen the sword over political happenings.

However, a commitment to the party platform and unity around the vision for our government and, ultimately, the future we want for ourselves and our children is of greater importance. With those issues on the line, we must come together, execute, and have mission excellence as a county party.
When the sight of mission excellence is lost, petty things seem large and become catastrophic. Without execution and mission excellence as the goal, small things become massively offensive.  No team, branch of the military, organization, or family, for that matter, will find much success when petty things replace execution and mission excellence as priorities. If petty things lead the way, no one will show up for work or sports practices. Businesses will be closed, and no one will be available to defend our nation because humans offend humans.

However, by that scale, Cabarrus County is very much united. The Cabarrus County Republican Party is committed to the party platform and united behind a vision to win elections. Our goal is to execute and have mission excellence. Sure, there are a few registered as Republicans, elected and unelected, who hate the conservative values our platform represents and despise the party base that sees their faith as the compass of what is right and wrong. However, outside of that small group of people, we are dandy.

Small foxes spoil vines. Petty offenses should pale compared to the cause. When a team gets in the room together, execution and mission excellence are front and center.

Step 1: Fortify that commitment and unity by consistently sharing our party platform and the vision of winning elections at our monthly meetings; strategy arises from there. The old saying is true, what gets talked about and celebrated gets done. I hope for your participation and anticipate execution and mission excellence.

An entire month dedicated to sexual appetite? Good God, everyone got here through a woman, and mothers only get a day. Black Americans were enslaved, denied civil rights, and got the shortest month of the year. The nation only gets the 4th of July to celebrate our independence. The people who served in and made our military great get two days, one for those who lost their lives and the other to appreciate those who are alive.

My goodness, what a magic trick! Hijack the civil rights movement of black Americans, steal a moment of national shock during a plandemic by cloaking a radical leftist agenda with a name like Black Lives Matter, erase the identity and unique opportunities of women, demand to talk to elementary-aged children about sexual identity and alternatives, make men the “woman of the year.” For that, you get a month of celebration to shake down corporations, sports teams, and local governments. Be watchful; there must be a liberal democrat-backed movement afoot.

Families are on the go. Last Thursday, Cynthia and I attended a fundraiser for Representative Kevin Crutchfield. It was perfect. The hosts were gracious, and the food and fellowship were plentiful. It was good to catch up with our Commissioner, Kenneth Wortman. Yesterday my family enjoyed the Cabarrus Republican Women’s annual cookout at Frank Liske Park. I am confident I won the water gun fight against my 10-year-old daughter and did well ambushing my sons, no matter what they say. It was great conversing with our people, elected and unelected. Among others, School Board member Tim Furr and Judge Mike Knox are a delight to hang out with, while Jennifer Dunbar and the CRW ladies were fantastic hostesses.  Connecting with people over good food and good causes is always positive.

Children are a blank canvas but can never be repainted. Protect them and guide them. #ParentsRights

Freeze your grapes, use them to cool your beverage, and then enjoy your snack. Delicious and refreshing.

 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.