As we approach elections, Republicans have much to consider, including education, safety, economic growth, and taxes. However, the most pressing concern is the future of our county and municipalities. It is often the local governments, such as the County and City governments of Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore, and NYC, that are responsible for intrusive radical governance. This has caused concern among the rest of the nation about the future with liberal leadership in charge. Believe me, charge us is what they do.

When Cynthia and I purchased our Cabarrus County home in 2006, we paid $3200 in property taxes. Last year our tax bill was almost 6,000 bucks. Most of us have not doubled our income in the last 10 years, so property taxes are taking up a larger portion of our household income. Not only social issues but taxes are on the local ballots.

At the rate we residents of Cabarrus County experience increased tax-assessed value of our properties, most of us could be taxed out of our homes by retirement. My goodness, not even stock gains are taxed until the stock is sold. We get property tax increases based on a value the homeowner doesn’t get until they sell their home.  

This is why we need elected officials committed to our NCGOP platform:

Government should tax only to raise money for its constitutional functions. We support a thorough review of expenditures each year, and we support a taxpayer’s bill of rights. We support a federal and state balanced budget. We support the continuation of reforming the tax code to encourage economic growth that moves toward a system that taxes the broadest possible base of economic activity at the lowest possible rates.
With our increasing property taxes, we need Republicans committed to these principles at every level of government. I don’t mind taxes for what government is responsible for, like law enforcement, first responders, etc. However, seeing “other” things in the budget doesn’t foster good feelings about the money local officials are extorting from our families.

Es la economía estúpida. C’est l’économie stupide. 这是经济愚蠢. זו הכלכלה טיפשה.  In every language, it’s the economy stupid, our household economies.

Is there such a thing as a “fiscal” conservative? A good elected official respects cash flow and its sources (taxpayers and fees on taxpayers) and makes the most thoughtful decisions when emergencies occur. That’s not “fiscally conservative” that’s good upbringing and math.

You look up, and property taxes have nearly doubled.

Thank God for our Republican majority in the legislature. They have successfully reduced taxes for Carolinians; our local governments need Conservative Republicans who will do the same.

Debt can be a real threat. Families struggle with paying for homes, cars, credit cards, and student and business loans. In true marxist form, to bring division and secure votes, the democrat leaders wanted to make you pay the debt of others. Crazy or par for the course? After all, they have us saddled with our national debt and can’t seem to avoid spending trillions a year that we don’t have.

No matter what people say, they live what they believe. Even a child is known by his ways. We can predict how a person will govern by the life they have lived and the actions they have previously taken in office. Godliness and good morals, or lack thereof, are a prophecy of things to come.

Watch a person’s spouse as they speak. It will tell you everything you need to know. Are they protecting someone they love by watching everyone else, do they look at them with faith and admiration, or do they despise them? 

 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.