New Commissioner coming! The rumor mill has been stirring, and the smart money is on Tim Furr. I met Tim in 2021. From my first encounter, he seemed like a good man. Local business owner, coach, and family man. Only a small group of people can give you a rundown of Cabarrus County’s history in sports and politics, and he is one of them. There is something about men who have gone through God’s created purpose for men and come out on the other end with their character intact. He has been a husband, father, grandfather, friend, businessman, and neighbor. He serves on the school board without scandal or displaying selfish ambition and glory-seeking.

As we discussed sports and politics, he showed a character trait we can all appreciate. He will stand by his opinion and not be mad at you for yours.  That quality will add value to any board. A man’s character makes its way to the stage when you disagree with him or tell him no. Not being able to control your brain can make some people angry.

Based on what I have seen with Tim Furr, if he does get appointed, I am confident and hopeful he will be good for our county, not be sold out to any agenda, and be committed to what he sees as correct.
Our board of commissioners makes enormous decisions month after month. Based on his reputation, Tim Furr would be refreshing to that process.

We need to tweak the statute. Twenty days proved not to be enough. The executive committee shared the names of those who attended our meeting and expressed interest in being appointed as a commissioner to the board of commissioners. The newly allotted time did not allow for proper public notice, time to interview those interested, and thorough vetting.  As a leader, getting consensus on a significant decision from a board of independent, intelligent people is a task that may take more than one meeting. Twenty days doesn’t allow for much of that, and it’s laughable that ten days was considered an option.  Hasty changes because of a 2014 appointment and an inability or unwillingness to work with differing opinions put Cabarrus County in a bind. On behalf of our constituents, I emailed Senators and Representatives to lengthen the time to appoint someone and restore the county party to its rightful place in appointing commissioners to vacant seats created by someone in our party resigning. That was how it was before the hasty changes led by county commissioners and former Senator Fletcher Hartsell. Too easy to fix.

On another note, as I watch national politics and experience local politics; contempt for the party, its base, its values, and dependence on party efforts to get elected or re-elected don’t seem interconnected. If someone doesn’t want the responsibility of being committed to the Republican platform, they shouldn’t run to be a Republican leader or representative.

I don’t know the number of tax incentives awarded since we purchased our home in 2006, but our property taxes have nearly doubled from approximately $3000 to nearly $6000. Has our government spending bloated so much that even big businesses coming to town and adding to our tax base can’t rescue us? Retirement planning will be a little complicated at this rate of increase because we will need thousands of dollars for property taxes before we even buy eggs. That’s unless increased property taxes crush us against our will into selling the home we have raised our children in.


The Cabarrus County Republican Party recognizes the need to return to godly principles. For decades, the Republican party has been the only political refuge for our faith, families, and the future we desire for those we love. The Republican Party platform reflects Judeo-Christian values, as it states:

“….We are the party that defends the religious beliefs and rights of conscience of all Americans and safeguards limited government, separation of powers, individual liberty, and the rule of law. As a Party, we denounce bigotry, racism, sexism, anti-semitism, ethnic prejudice, and religious intolerance. We recognize God-not government-as the Author of these principles….”

The security apparatus of America’s most secure and surveilled home and office can’t figure out who left a white powdery substance in the west wing or somewhere. What if it was anthrax? It wasn’t because they likely checked the person at the door and knew it was in “the house.” Indeed, it couldn’t have been the unethical son of the president; (may he be sober) or someone making decisions for the nation while high.

Family on the go
As the new school year approaches, we are wrapping up camps and volunteer work. Our sons are doing reading and writing camp this week, and our daughter is doing gymnastics. Having been to 26 countries, I appreciate our children’s opportunities in Cabarrus County and never want to see a way of thinking that limits families’ opportunities in the future. Like most families, we would love to do more, but sometimes more cost more than we have! Can I get a witness?

As a financial advisor, I have connections in unsuspecting places. I was in New Mexico and Arizona last week. Yep, they have insurance, employee retention, and investment needs in New Mexico. It was a different hot than Florida, dry as opposed to humid. 115 degrees. Every bit is felt; I was cooked medium rare by the time I got from the airport door to the car waiting outside. Thank God for North Carolina.

Everyone needs grace and forbearance for horrible things said because they were hurt or disappointed—no need to make a lifelong enemy out of an ally due to a moment of thoughtlessness.

I like soft cookies. Add a slice of store-bought white bread to an airtight container to keep cookies and other baked goods soft after baking. Your cakes, cookies, and muffins will keep their day-one softness. 

 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.