Limbaugh seeks to sow chaos in Democrats’ race (

Brian on the radio in 2008 standing on the Word of God in Support of McCain against Obama! Long time CONSERVATIVE. In 1999 Brian became a Christian and his faith in Jesus shaped his politics. His opponent, the never Trumper, cannot appreciate the leadership Rush Limbaugh offered conservatives through the very rough Obama years.

Brian’s Unaffiliated Voter registration in 2000 when he first registered to vote. Obviously NOT democrat even in 2000.

Pull it up yourself. Type in My last name and then first. Tax Bill Search ( My opponent knows ALL my taxes are paid but he could not resist the potential gain his dishonesty may offer.

While he did not have the time to support legislation that represents the things most important to us, he had the time to represent himself. Now he is under investigation. Ethics violation!! I only 1 session? He did a lot for himself in Raleigh!

In 2009, during the great recession, I filed bankruptcy. It was terrible. Maybe it would have been different if I took a free nearly $1.5 million dollars from taxpayers even if I did not need it like my opponent did. Perhaps but we will never know because though I may not always have money, I always have ethics and morals.

Watch this compilation of the fun! Brian and his family were having an amazing time in bad COVID times. Too bad his opponent can’t find value in Brian loving his wife and having fun with his children.

Brian loves being a husband and father. All dancing is done with the joy of family.

My opponent has hatched lies and deception in Cabarrus County for over a decade. It is who he is. After his contributions and support of democrat run PACs, being sued for sexual discrimination, new ethics investigation for using his elected position for personal profit, and snakish attempt to not seat more than 200 duly elected conservative delegates at our County Convention we should have all been warned. His work against 6-week heartbeat and constitutional carry legislation left everyone disappointed. However, when he filed self-profiting bills for his businesses and aggressively supported legalizing drugs, gambling, and casinos in family-oriented communities it left conservatives all over North Carolina furious. We deserve better but it’s no surprise; It’s who he is.


Brian Echevarria