When I got involved in politics, I didn’t know political people were such an interesting flock of birds. They come in every color, family and educational background, financial means, and spiritual foundation. Some have wide-reaching causes, and others have small pet projects that are a priority for only a few. What I like most about our flock of birds is that if you find someone who cares about a thing, you also find a case matter expert. The information they have flattens my learning curve in minutes. What I like least is that some tend to be a bit myopic with their passion and become petty about others’ differing views. If it is not an eternal thing about faith and allegiance to your God, the well-being of children, or destroying the nation, considering other possibilities may be a strategy.  

Being immovable about what I understand the bible to say is my responsibility as a Christian. Advocating for a safe and enjoyable community for my wife is essential to me as a husband. Creating and defending the well-being of my children and the future I desire for them is my responsibility as a father. America being free, strong, and prosperous falls in my lap as an American, a friend, and a neighbor. For the most part, Republicans share these values with me. As a flock, we must eradicate any ideas, philosophies, and actions that threaten these things. The slight differences in far less important things must be deferred until a more appropriate time. Click here for footage of Republicans discussing potholes while ignoring marxists in the upcoming election.   

In full disclosure, I don’t play well with others. However, I define others as those who threaten any of the above. Whoever is not against me is with me.

It’s beginning to feel like I can’t trust anyone running for president. The soul is exhausted by lies, facades, and misdirection. Constant lies about the absurd are making the field less and less trustworthy. These candidates are making it hard for Republicans who prefer another in the primary to support, not just vote for them in the general election. God help us. I opened my property tax bill. Local government wants their annual pound of flesh. We need conservatives in office committed to our party platform, which stands for limited government and lower taxes. Taxes are the government version of profits, so like businesses, they don’t favor decreases. How many residents will be taxed out in the next 10-20 years? It would be great if our local governments devised a plan and pledged to avoid that.

The moments that seem most insignificant with loved ones become the warmest memories.

Deer enjoy yummy beautiful flowers. However, they don’t like the scent of dogs. Allow the dog, or your friend’s dog, to run through the garden. Their presence will leave a smell and deter the deer from your yummy flowers.

 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.