Here we go. The battle lines are slowly falling into place. Trump, DeSantis, Scott, Haley, etc. TV commercials. Mailers. Phone calls and surveys. Lies. Exaggerations. Convenient omissions.

While our presidential primaries provide great entertainment, our local races most affect our daily life. As I mentioned in a prior email, it was not the state but the city of Charlotte that caused the bathroom debacle. It was not Biden but the City of Concord that hired a DEI specialist because, to Marxists, being straight, white, or decidedly Christian is a crime.

Cabarrus County needs conservative candidates to win municipal elections. There was a time when this was not a problem. In 2018, republicans held the seats. However, since 2019 many losses have come to the republican party in Cabarrus County. They even tried to do a DEI study for Harrisburg! Democrats specialize in creating divisions where there are none. It is CRT’s grandpa, conflict theory by Karl Marx.

Enjoy the big presidential show but don’t be distracted from the most important elections.


I don’t live in Charlotte on purpose. While there are amazing people there whom I love, the city leadership is terrible. Their policies allowed small businesses to be destroyed during the BLM riots and COVID, and people are feeling less and less safe. The restaurants and businesses are great, but it is getting difficult for some to continue taking the risk to patronize them.

An evening out in uptown Charlotte: Knock out your front-end alignment on one of the city streets, pay to park, get yelled at by the dudes in purple robes or fatigues because they don’t like white people, and are mad at black people who don’t believe that they are the “real Jews.” Get an eyewitness account of the mental health crisis because loitering is not enforced, and the homeless in need of help and care lie on the sidewalk in front of businesses and bus stops. Hope the smell of the urine doesn’t stick to your clothing as you walk to your destination while watching women unescorted by men be harassed by those above.  Enjoy a great meal and do it all again to return to your car, except now it is nighttime—appendix carry.

Not unique; just a typical democrat-led city.

Sorry for the sad story; it is accurate, and with liberals elected, we are well on our way. That is why my family is considering building a home in Mt. Pleasant or Midland. Peace, quiet, and a little distance from the “wokeness.”

Conservative political policy allows us to live safely and achieve our highest ambitions.

Someone call Gov. Cooper a “whaaaambulance.” Crying for nothing. The guy has gotten what he wanted except for abortion on demand, and now he is faking it like school choice is a “state of emergency.” My children are homeschooled, his private schooled, and others attend public or charter; why shouldn’t everyone have choices and take their money with them?  Pharoah much Cooper? You good people can be free but leave your children and money with me.

Compliments go a long way. Some folks are hard to compliment but hold your nose and do it anyway.

Get your bloodwork done while you are healthy so that if you do not feel well, the doctors have a benchmark of what a healthy you is like.

 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.

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