Jason Aldean. My God, man! Who cares? People are crazy with their sensitivities. Imagine being offended by someone who doesn’t know you exist because they made a song about a place they live. Revisionists act like the BLM org wasn’t funded by marxists who want to create problems for families. Maybe someone should make a song called “castle doctrine.” The most liberal people I know would defend themselves at home.

I spend next to zero energy defending celebrities. They have PR teams, and their risks are calculated to the dollar. The left made Jason Aldean so much money this month. Whoop! Whoop! Glad for him; democrat celebrity cancel culture is terrible. However, if you know him, tell him the Cabarrus GOP would be grateful for a donation and a fundraiser concert. Other than that, celebrities live outside most of our lives though they contribute to helping soothe the soul through their craft. I love comedians. Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle are my active favorites.

On another note, they are off to the races! Candidate filing for municipal races ended last Friday. It is going to be fun to watch. Our municipal elections in Cabarrus are nonpartisan, if there is such a thing. We need “nonpartisan” conservatives who are principled and committed to the platform to serve the cities.

We must demand that the people we support be willing to stick to the platform once elected. Our platform is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, limited government, against racism and bigotry, etc.

Personally, if a person’s conscience allows them to support anyone’s right to kill baby humans, I will not vote for them. At the local level, candidates hide their wickedness by avoiding answering how they feel about abortion by saying they will never have to make decisions about it. Hogwash! That political dog waste of an answer reveals their support for killing babies. A person’s perspective on the sanctity of human life informs every vote they cast. Generally, I don’t trust people who don’t mind the murder of defenseless humans to make good decisions for other humans.

Knowing that Joseph Biden can launch nuclear weapons and my property taxes have increased so much in the last ten years. Have you ever investigated who is funding the PACs operating in Cabarrus County? You should know who is trying to influence our politics and why.

LIBERALS ARE RIDICULOUS The sudden exposure of Joe Biden’s what looks to be a multimillion-dollar bribery racket was predictable. We all knew they would turn on him to avoid him being the nominee in ’24. Just check out the whistle-blower and the now “forthcoming” FBI. Talk about wagging the dog. Have you ever seen the “Wag the Dog” movie?

Family on the go
My boys are growing up. They look good in a suit, and their confidence is increasing. We have a football season that we are preparing for. I am proud of my sons. They work hard, have manners, and are very helpful around the house and business. My wife is doing a fantastic job being their mother. My oldest turns 16 next month, and like most fathers, there are a thousand things I wish I could have done with him already. Endeavoring to raise a God-fearing successful adult takes bravery—my hat off to those who completed that task.

Forgiveness is a superpower that preserves the soul.

Please feel free to complain to people when you notice something good about them—smile, clothes, hair, car, etc. The world around you will change within weeks.

 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.