Racism is a thing

We all understand that racism is a thing and probably personally know a racist or two. However, accusing someone of being racist at every disagreement is something we must purge from our society.  Racism as an accusation is the liberal weapon of choice these days. When false, it is inflammatory and divisive.

The accusation of racism is an odd bird. Every day I turn on the news, without exception, there is some racist this, racism that story. It must be one of the cruelest accusations because there is no way to disprove it. Every possible rebuttal a person provides can be dismissed as more racism. I am well-documented for my position that we do not have a systemically racist nation. Our immigration problem proves that minorities believe they can do well here.

A misspoken sentence or a stereotype is insufficient evidence of racism. Ignorance? Maybe.  When I see a 6’6” well-built black man, I think he is, or was, a college or professional athlete. Let’s stop the madness; no one thinks; I bet that guy runs a bakery. You see a white guy with a swastika tattooed on his forehead; your immediate thought is not the VP of a major corp. We are caught in a whirlwind of deception that attacks every part of reality and anything obvious. This whirlwind does not allow teachers to tell little boys that they are not girls, law enforcement must ignore data and job experience and not profile anyone, etc.

Racism is vicious. Making decisions and forming opinions based on the color that God made someone is an act of aggression against God. He made them that way. This is how far we have gone. I know a few folks who are liberal and democrat, and I asked what it is called when white people move into a black community. They said gentrification. Then I asked what it is called when white people move out of a black neighborhood. They said white flight. To them, whatever white people do is racist. Is that racism? The accusation of racism is so out of control that people are charged with it when they make the best decisions for their families and finances. The action is not a problem; the color of their skin is the reason for the demonization. Ridiculous.


Conservative political policy allows us to live safely and achieve our highest ambitions. Liberalism attempts to create a floor that all must live on while placing a roof just inches from the top of our heads. As my friend says, give us free hotdogs but never be able to buy a steak.  That is why we must be committed to the party platform.

Family on the go. We finished our 20th wedding anniversary celebration. On Friday, amazing friends and family joined us from all over the country for dinner at Bentley’s in Southpark. On Saturday, we had a day of celebration at the Hilton Center City. We had brunch at my home on Sunday. We laughed, cried, hugged, and celebrated all weekend. Cynthia is amazing. Our family and friends make our life wonderful. We celebrate marriage because what gets talked about and celebrated gets done.


Now that ILLEGAL immigrants are being bussed and flown to democrat-led cities, they have a change of heart. It was great; I thought they would chant America First in Chicago. Martha’s Vineyard and NYC are squirming. They had a lot of liberal ideas when illegal immigration and open borders were their philosophy but not their reality. I come from an immigrant family. My grandparents entered legally, became Americans, and have had great success. We should not close the door; we should honor it.

Most of us are doing the best we can. As humans, our best changes from moment to moment, so you should not disqualify people or be disappointed when their best is less than you hoped for at that moment in time. Their best will be better at another time.

Start conversations with a boundary of time. “I only have a few minutes, but I wanted to connect with you.” This allows you to keep in touch with more people while allocating more time for those who need it.

 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.