We have amazing people in the republican party. We range from black to white, immigrant to natural-born citizen, rich to poor. As chairman, I encounter interesting people every week. This morning I connected with a pleasant young man, Alec. He is a husband and father of two. It was great to hear how his faith in Christ and business has blossomed over the last few years. He is homegrown in Concord and owns a marketing company while evangelizing online. He shared his journey from Concord High School playing Tight End for local legend EZ Smith to Marshall University and back again. In America the beautiful, opportunities are common. The Republican party has the principles to ensure the next generation also has a prosperous story.

On another note, at election time, I always consider my desire for term limits. We don’t have long-timers running this go-round, but I wouldn’t say I like it when we do. Why would anyone stay in a position that does not pay well enough for a family or livelihood for so long? How do they grow their wealth as politicians? The careers of Joe “the big guy” Biden and Mitch McConnell teach us that the “desire to serve” starts getting suspicious after a while. It is conceivable that special interests do not want term limits because buying low-character, newly elected officials too often can get expensive. We can bet our jaws would drop if we knew how many continue in office to keep bribery, kickbacks, and sweetheart deals concealed and rolling in. As the great Ricky Bobby once said, “Love that money, whew!”

Is abortion simply a social issue or a canary in the coal mine? If you care about your money and taxes, you better care about abortion. States with the most liberal abortion laws have the highest tax rates. What would make anyone think an official who cares little for the most defenseless humans cares about the financial well-being of our families? Or anything else about you for that matter.  Republicans must demand that anyone wanting to be in elected office explain their position on the sanctity of life and aborting a human. Their answer may be the most significant indicator of how they will vote on other issues. They may never decide about abortion on the city or town council, but their position on the sanctity of human life underlies every other vote they cast. The evidence reveals that if a politician is fine with baby humans being murdered, they will be fine with raising our property and income taxes which can murder our retirements and financial aspirations.

Liberals, abortion, and high taxes are in an intimate relationship. Check the local tax rates of abortion-loving liberal democrat-led places like:

  • New York 15.9%, Connecticut 15.4%. Hawaii 14.1%, Vermont 13.6%, California 13.5%, New Jersey 13.2%, Illinois 12.9%, Virginia 12.5%, Delaware 12.4%, Maine 12.4% REFERENCE
  • This does not even include the 8.9%,10.7%, 9.9%, 9.85%, etc. income taxes these suckers are levying.

How do we keep those canaries in the coal mine out of Cabarrus? DON’T VOTE FOR LIBERALS.

Property tax bills are imminent. Republicans are for limited government and lower taxes. However, local governments will extort thousands from us again. My family will probably give up $6k to property taxes alone. We won’t even talk about sales tax, state income tax, property taxes on vehicles, and fees like annual inspections. Every year we get our property tax bill, and it’s a horrible number, but the number pales compared to the mind-blowing opportunity cost lost over 30 years. If your tax bill was slashed in half, what could that do for your family? For my family, $3k invested annually for thirty years, age 35-65, at 7%, would become $331,100. I don’t know your numbers. Some of you pay more and others less. However, my family has aspirations, weddings, perhaps college, and retirement to pay for. $330k of what local government extracts would help.

Family on the go
My son and I visited San Deigo last week for his 16th birthday next month. With football starting, he can’t miss a practice in August. I was in heaven spending 24 hours a day with my son talking, going to a Padres baseball game, falconry, and visiting the USS Midway Museum. What a time. The memories we created on the beaches and cold water of the Pacific and eating ice cream are invaluable. Seeing firsthand what life is like in liberal cities with the homeless and drug addicts everywhere and locals demanding safety gave light to what he has heard his father say life is under marxist leaders. My boy is growing to be a man who will serve Jesus, understand Christian conservative values and politics, and fights evil. He is going to be a fantastic husband and father. I’m proud to be his father.

There is a difference between having unity and being at peace. Peace is enough.

Put your clothes in your closet with the hangers reversed. As you pull out clothes, reverse the hanger back. Donate or sell the clothes you didn’t use every six months or every year.

 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.