Republicans tend to focus on the top levels of government down, and the democrats focus on the lower levels of government up. They may have it right.

Imagine radical marxist organizations funding North Carolina PAC through organizations in liberal states like California and Massachusetts that spent millions to elect Joseph Biden, fight parent’s rights, demand puberty blockers and sex change surgery for children as young as elementary age, protest for pornographic material in school libraries, want men in women’s bathrooms, abortion up to birth, etc. So crazy, nearly unimaginable, that one group could cover these bases and more.

It is hard for many to believe that PACs pushing things like this would exist in North Carolina, but they do. Typical of marxist, they stoke division through race, sex, and class. They use the narratives of people like Karl Marx, Mao, Adolph, and Fidel Castro to the “T.”  I am sure most people involved in PACs like this do not realize and would never approve of what they are being used for, but shame on the ones who do—shame on the organizations.

These organizations will parachute money in for ads and campaigns for democrats like inflation doesn’t exist and wokeness isn’t jacking up society and attacking the impressionable hearts of children.

Family on the go
Cynthia Echevarria and I have the greatest times. For over 20 years, my wife has tolerated my humor, and we have had joy and laughter. However, sometimes our laughter comes at great financial and emotional expense. I am unsure how she does it, but she manages to scrape my rims on curbs and knock the alignment off of my truck …..all…..the…..every…..time. Consistency is a virtue.

We drove to South Florida to see my 90-year-old grandfather. He is ten times more mentally sharp than President Biden. As great as my grandfather is, I would not punish the nation with someone self admittedly no longer in the prime of their “powers.” I love Miami, but visiting South Florida reminds me how great North Carolina is; the traffic is tragic, and the humidity is just a little short of a biblical judgment. My children understand more each time we visit why their mother and I moving to Cabarrus County in 2006 was one of the best decisions we’ve made.

No matter whose idea it is, if something is not aligned with biblical wisdom, it will eventually fail.

Bubble wrap is a powerful insulator. While on the road, keep your ice cream from melting by wrapping the pint in plastic bubble wrap. It’ll stay firm for hours. 

 My Life. My Story.

September 13, 2022

My Life. My Story.