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  • Protect us from Rising Property taxes!
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  • Lower Business and Personal Income Taxes

We are an America-first,
North Carolina-first,
family-first community.
Brian Echevarria represents that.


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Voters who prioritize their faith, family, and freedoms want representatives who carry their vision; who are committed to doing what’s right for us to prosper, be secure, and live freely.

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Energy independence includes NUCLEAR energy. Why shouldn’t North Carolina be at the front of the pack?

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Brian Echevarria



America is the greatest nation on earth, and North Carolina is a great place to live; in Cabarrus County, Family is our Story! Because of its residents and resources, North Carolina is just starting to blossom. I have faith that together, we can build an even brighter future. Together, we can keep more of the money you earn in your home where it belongs, help our businesses prosper, and give our children the safety, education, and opportunities we imagine for them.

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